Opening on the 18th of May, Refraction is my first Open Studio show at Maxilla Studios / Notting Hill. Refractions occur when a light beam leaves one medium and enters the next. What happens when one crosses from one medium to another – physically and metaphysically. Analema Group’s KIMA invites audiences to experience these shifts through the use of the voice, observing how sound can penetrate and transgress different media, on a phonetic and visual level. Audience’s are invited to perform themselves, to play and interact with one another, using their voice, experiencing a shift in perception as their voices transcend different media.

The opening on the 18th of May will be followed of three evenings of Open Studio.

Opening: 18th of May 7-10pm

Additional Dates: 19th and 20th of May 7-10pm
Finissage 29th of May 7-10pm

During the week, Refraction viewings will be by appointment only.

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