Oliver Gingrich, artist, lives and works in London, UK.


Oliver Gingrich, displays across a range of different media, photography, digital art, acryl on canvas and holographic projection. With the collective Analema  Group, the use of high end technology results in immersive experiences for their audiences. In his photography series, the artist explores the theme of male identity.

With a  background in Fine Arts (Central Saint Martins, London) and Digital Art (University of Vienna) and a doctorate in media, Oliver’s practises his Art from his studio in Notting Hill, London.

The series post-apocalyptic angels portraits angelic beings in a time after god. Uncertain of destiny, or ontological meanings, they exist in a state of constant questioning.

The series “Studies in Kitsch. Perceptions.” reveals differences in sameness. Set across 4 continents exploring various elements, male subjects question their position in life, longing to be elsewhere.

Recent work focuses on light refractions, and the relationship between viewer and art piece for instance by integrating EEG brainwave interfaces into the viewing process (Aura, Memoria).


Contact: olivergingrich@gmail.com



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